Slideshow at Obscura Festival, Malaysia

My series Limbo will be screened as part of the slideshow Desert Forest Sea, curated by Ying Ang, at the Obscura 2015 Festival in Malaysia on August 21st 2015.


The works of the 15 photographers of Desert Forest Sea are prescient of a climatic shift, stories from today that portend a possible future much more widespread amongst us than we dare to think. A world where the grate of tectonic plates and a restless earthen core rends all that we know as modernity to slivers of a modern history. We will move back into our forests, what we once knew as cities will be the sea and the desert shall spread across our lands in scorched wind and endlessly shifting sands. We will take our darkness, our light, love, hunger, allies and enemies – all the markings of our human condition – and play out these shakespearean dramas within these spaces on the edge of wildness.


August 21st 2015, 8-9pm

The Whiteaways Arcade
Lebuh Pantai

Georgetown, Penang Island, 10200