A day in the life of Daniel, 24 years old. A high-end fabric salesman by day, a Go-Go dancer by night.

Daniel Alexander Osach (or Dan Alex for his friends) is a gay Go-Go dancer who grew up in New Haven, CT, and moved to New York in 2007. By day he works for Christopher Hyland, Inc., a high-end fabrics purveyor. By night he is as a Go-Go dancer in gay and women clubs around New York City. “My life is work, gym, dance and sleep”, Daniela says. Dan has a bachelor in English and majored in Poetry and Economics. After graduation in 2006 he worked as a store manager in a mall for 4 months in Connecticut. Tired and depressed of his job, he went to Florida to relax and then moved to New York. He usually dances at “The Cock”, a East Village gay bar. “The Cock is not an institution. It’s a landmark”, Daniel says. Daniel aspires to become maybe a teacher or to work for a travel magazine. “What I would really love to do is to live my life laying down at the beach and reading poetry”.